For Immediate Release: December 13, 2022
Nassau County Bridge Authority Announces

Greater Discounts for Barrier Island Residents

Lawrence, NY – The Nassau County Bridge Authority is proud to announce the implementation of an Electronic Tolling System, E-ZPass® on the Atlantic Beach Bridge. Set to take place in the Spring of 2023, this significant improvement will make the customer’s driving experience safer and timelier.

In addition to the implementation of E-ZPass®, the Authority has proposed significant discounts for Barrier Island residents, shown in the chart below. These proposed rates are scheduled to be voted on by the Board of Commissioners. NCBA tolls remain among the lowest in the region and deliver support for critical infrastructure improvements for the Atlantic Beach Bridge.

“After a public hearing and consultation with elected officials and community leaders, I am recommending to the board that we adopt our initial plan amended with a further reduction in the annual fee for Barrier Island residents who use the bridge on a daily basis.” Said Nassau County Bridge Authority Chairman Samuel Nahmias. “The bridge has not had a toll increase in 17 years, and in order to guarantee the safe operation of the bridge into the foreseeable future, in these inflationary times, it is necessary for the board to take this action.”