For Immediate Release: December 13, 2023

Nassau County Bridge Authority (NCBA) Launches E-ZPass at the Atlantic Beach Bridge

Lawrence, N.Y. – The Nassau County Bridge Authority (NCBA) Board is pleased to announce that E-ZPass is now accepted at the Atlantic Beach Bridge in all toll lanes

In December 2022 the NCBA Board of Commissioners determined and resolved that, in the best interest of its customers, and for efficiency and public safety, that a modern electronic tolling system be implemented at the Atlantic Beach Bridge.

NCBA Chairman Samuel Nahmias said, “one of my first and most important initiatives was to address the public outcry on the failing toll plaza”. Today, the Nassau County Bridge Authority makes history with the activation of E-ZPass. To those who said it would never happen, today you are proven wrong! The new E-ZPass tolling system will enable for a safer and more convenient commute. This new system enables the Authority to enter the modern era of tolling. I want to thank all of the hard work that our staff, Board, Vice Chairman, MTA and TRMI have gone through to make this day happen. Just 362 days ago we moved forward with the vote and today we make history”.

Raymond Webb, the Authority’s Executive Director, added, “launching the E-ZPass system at the Atlantic Beach Bridge provides our customers, and the communities that we serve, with a quality and safe customer experience”.

Deputy Manager Rosemarie Evola notes that “with the new system, Atlantic Beach Bridge customers will see an easier, streamlined trip over the bridge, saving time, and with improved customer service”.

The Revenue Markets Inc. (TRMI) of Accord New York was awarded the design and implementation project on December 15, 2022. TRMI worked cohesively with NCBA management and staff to deliver a state of art electronic toll collection system to best benefit NCBA customers.

The Nassau County Bridge Authority is a Public Benefit Corporation under New York State law. The Authority operates and maintains the Atlantic Beach Bridge.

The Atlantic Beach Bridge is a bascule bridge that connects the barrier island communities of Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, Lido Beach and Point Lookout with Long Island. The bridge opened for traffic in 1952. It is 1,173 feet long and has three lanes in each direction with eleven toll lanes on the toll plaza.